Health & Safety Consultants

There are thousands of accidents in the workplace every year. Statistics from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for 2015/16. Statistics show 144 workers were killed at work, with 14 in the East Midlands. 72,702 injuries were reported under Riddor. An estimated 30.4 Million working days were lost due to workplace injury.

The HSE completed 728 prosecution cases and secured a conviction in 96% of them, with 70 in the Midlands. And 11,403 enforcement notices were issued by HSE and local authorities. At an average of £29,818 fine.

13,000 deaths each year estimated to be linked to exposure at work, prmarily to chemicals and dust.

An effective health and safety management system will help to reduce the risk of work-related ill health and injury. Failing to manage health and safety properly can be far more costly to you than getting it right in the first place.

Why manage safety?

Legal Compliance - Health & Safety is both a criminal and a civil matter.

Failure to manage safety can have serious financial implications – and even put an organisation out of business.

It is a matter of common humanity.

What does it involve and how can AHIS help you?

We help you to create an effective heath & safety management system by; developing a health & safety policy; conducting risk assessments; putting in place preventative measures to control risks; reviewing and documenting your procedures. In order to achieve OHSAS 18001 when necessary or required.

Benefits to your organisation